Hello My Name is Jessica Taylor

I am a recent Stetson University graduate in search of a career that will challenge me to think creatively. I have always been a strategically futuristic thinker and am in search of a company that will allow me to the creative freedom and mobility to accomplish this dream. Side goals also include making a difference in the community. While at Stetson University I was apart of the Bonner Program which allows us the opportunity to volunteer 140 hours a semester in the local DeLand community. I want to continue to serve the public where ever I may end up. I am very passionate about improving nutrition education to K-12 students and homelessness. You can learn more about my actions of service HERE.

For now to keep my creative juices pumping I started my own business about 6 years ago as a digital designer and marketing manager for a variety of local, national, and international clients. You can learn more about my past and current work HERE.

One key characteristic about me is I love to learn new skills. Much of my digital knowledge is self taught through W3C, (my favorite) Smashing Magazine articles, online courses, with a bit of trial and error on the side. Having my own business allows me to have a relationship with the customer that focuses on their wants and needs and pushes me to explore new markets I may not have visited. From designing and database managing forums to simply chic portfolio websites my clients help me just as much as I help them.


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